How To Get a Flock of SATA Hard Drives to Soar in the Clouds

First Half of the Story
What is a perfect use for a bunch of servers with 7200 RPM SATA hard drives? Cluster them into an object-based storage system that becomes the storage pool for tens or hundreds of client hosts and KVMs. Why an object-based storage system? Because object-based storage such as Ceph stores data more efficiently while significantly improving the I/O performance of the drives by parallelizing them across different storage nodes.

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How to find the working set size using PerfAccel analytics

Hot data is the most popular term being heard from many technology evangelists. It is typically critical data that is accessed frequently. The working set size is the amount of hot data accessed in a given interval of time in a fixed environment.

The reasons why architects and CIOs wants to keep track of working set size is to
• Aligning the solution
• Determining workloads of solution
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