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  • DATAGRES and Couchbase Bring I/O Analytics for Operational Efficiency, Scale and Tiered Storage
    PerfAccel 3.0
    • Deep application-level I/O analytics for increased real-time operational visibility
    • High performance tiered storage for Couchbase delivered at enterprise scale
    • Compelling economics combine advantages of PCIe/NVMe, Flash/SSD and HDD for on-premise or in-cloud deployments

    NEW YORK CITY, NY–October 6th, 2015 – DATAGRES, a leading provider of Application I/O Intelligence, today announced general availability of its PerfAccel solution for Couchbase Server, the highest performing NoSQL distributed database platform. The combination of PerfAccel and Couchbase Server empower database administrators and DevOps to understand data movements and fine-tune their dynamic data distribution rules for their entire database grid. DATAGRES is attending Couchbase Live New York today where it is demonstrating PerfAccel and its integration with Couchbase Server.

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    PerfAccel uses deep operational intelligence of Couchbase I/O patterns to help design, deploy and perform for large-scale environments. It helps databases leverage deep I/O analytics to balance customers’ requirement for high performance media and more persistent and cost-effective capacity storage.

    The partnership coincides with the release of Couchbase Server 4.0, a new release that enables developers to build a much broader variety of web, mobile and IoT applications on Couchbase. The release delivers new levels of developer agility, enterprise application scalability and performance, and business insight from data stored in Couchbase.

    “Increased adoption and scaling of Couchbase in global companies has created a need for advanced storage solutions,” said Cihan Biyikoglu, Director of Product Management, Couchbase. “With their deep understanding of storage analytics, DATAGRES gives our customers the flexibility to deploy cost-effective hardware platforms that meet their specific applications and requirements.”

    “Enterprise customers constantly have to choose between cost and performance,” said Ranajit Nevatia, President and CEO of Datagres. “The DATAGRES' PerfAccel solution for Couchbase makes it easier for customers to understand their application requirements and scale for performance while reducing their infrastructure costs.”

    Increase Performance, Reduce Cost

    DATAGRES' PerfAccel for Couchbase is an I/O analytics and visibility solution. PerfAccel’s visibility-driven auto-tiered storage approach provides the lowest latency and highest throughput for demanding workloads, cost-effectively. DATAGRES' PerfAccel for Couchbase provides:

    • Deeper understanding of Couchbase I/O to help DevOps and database administrators to better design, deploy, and scale based on working set and not full data set requirements
    • Real-time profiling of every Couchbase I/O to diagnose and solve most complex operational and performance challenges
    • Proactive distribution of active data set close to the CPU while maintaining the entire database on cheaper capacity storage.
    • An intelligent auto-tiered storage layer to combine benefits of Flash/NVMe/SSD/HDD Storage
    • Ability to visualize per-node workload at a granular level, and take actions to optimize and fine tune performance
    • Lowest latency and highest throughput at reduced costs of upto 50% – 80% for on-premise or in-cloud deployments (Amazon, Azure, Google)
    • Software only solution that runs wherever Couchbase runs – physical, virtual, on-premise, in the cloud, deployed in virtualized or containerized environments

    For more detailed information please refer to the solution brief or download the joint whitepaper


    PerfAccel for Couchbase is now available. For more information, visit, read the solution brief, or download the whitepaper

    About DATAGRES

    DATAGRES provides software that helps companies visualize, control and accelerate their application performance using deep file-level storage intelligence. PerfAccel is a dynamic and intelligent grid scale management and acceleration solution for active data. Through powerful analytics and reporting tools, PerfAccel executes smart, server side data processing for storage I/O offload and application acceleration. With PerfAccel, organizations can accelerate applications, scale, and manage IOPS across entire grids through a single pane of glass and get the most from their existing storage infrastructure.

    DATAGRES is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA and has received funding from Nexus Venture Partners. For more information, visit

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