Technology Alliance Partnerships


“The Power of Collaboration”

DATAGRES is working with leading technology partners to build better on premise and cloud storage solutions, that can keep up with growing performance requirements and allow greater visibility to our users, while reducing overall cost, complexity and footprint. We perform interoperability testing with our partners to ensure seamless operations and are constantly evaluating opportunities to improve the effectiveness of a combined solution. We strive to work with all of our partners in real customer environments to ensure that mission-critical applications can depend upon our software solution. If you are interested in exploring a technology partnership with Datagres please fill out the form attached.

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Our Technology Alliance Partners


NoSQL Cloud Provider Partner for Cassandra, MongoDB, & M&E


ISV Partner


NoSQL Cassandra Enterprise Business Partner


Apache Hadoop Cloud Provider


ISV Partner PerfAccel


ISV Partner


Ubuntu ISV Partner


Server/Storage Partner


NoSQL DB Partner


Software Partner


Software Partner


Channel Partners


Let’s Grow Together!

At DATAGRES, we understand that growth is accelerated by the combination of partner’s expertise and resources coming together and working collaboratively. We are looking to partner with agencies and vendors to market and champion DATAGRES industry-changing products

We offer a business relationship based on mutual trust, growth in profitability, and a high degree of support through our partner-centric programs. If you wish to partner with us, click on PARTNER NOW.

Benefits from our channel programs:


At DATAGRES, our channel partners are partners in growth and profitability. Our channel programs are designed to drive growth through a combination of efforts as well as a sharing of the rewards.

Some of the benefits of partnering with DATAGRES, include:

  • Qualified leads
  • Strategic inputs on market acquisition or go-to market approaches
  • Co-marketing programs, campaigns and materials
  • Protected deal registration
  • Recurring revenue
  • Industry-leading product discounting
  • Rewards for performance
  • Product training
  • Enablement and support throughout the sales cycle
  • Sales advisories from knowledge experts

DATAGRES seeks to leverage your expertise to complement our strengths as equal partners in sales, technical and marketing activities, while enabling both entities to focus on our respective core competencies. We believe that by creating a collaborative environment you will have the opportunity to grow your business and your profits.

If you wish to partner with us, click on PARTNER NOW.

Our Partners

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