Work smarter with your Active Data




  • DATA with intellect

  • Fingerprint every IO for deep file level analytics

  • Accelerate applications by placing dynamic data closest to the CPU

  • Deep insights provide intelligence for optimizing storage performance

  • Intelligence - Deep insights for optimized storage performance

Business needs 10x faster applications while IT wants 70%-80% operational cost reduction.

Datagres delivers deep application I/O analytics & optimization to solve most complex performance problems, cost-effectively.


Intelligent Application Acceleration through I/O Analytics

Our software enables you to intelligently accelerate applications by optimally balancing performance with hardware investment. PerfAccel provides deep, file-level application I/O analytics, so you only have to cache only the most active data. Our file level caching optimize IOPS to get the most from your existing storage infrastructure.

Visibility Like Never Before

Application owners and administrators gain deep operational insight into application I/O, allowing them to solve the most complex and long standing performance problems. Accelerate applications and reduce operational expense.

Datagres Product Architecture

File-Level Storage Intelligence

Datagres Platform

Datagres Architecture

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